What's that?

Created in 1960 by Alfonso Caycédo, a neuropsychiatrist, sophrology is a structured method that stimulates your body and mind at the same time to developpe a healthy balance.
It is a gentle and non-tactile method, everyone can practice: in individual or group sessions, at my office, at home or in your company.
It provides access to your physical, emotional and mental feelings through breathing techniques, muscle's contraction and relaxation exercises and positive visualization. Static or dynamic exercises are customized to meet your needs and enable you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

For Who, Which benefice

Sophrology is adaptable to all ages' needs and abilities. Its exercises are simple and easy to perform.

Allowing a Child

To improve his concentration
To develop his memory
To tame his emotions
To sleep well

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Help a Pre-teen and a Teenager

To apprehend physical and mental changes,
To project himself serenely into the future,
Managing his emotions,
Improve his concentration

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Giving tools to a High School/Student to

Prepare for exams: Bac, driver’s license...
Manage stress, fears: choice of orientation, oral, etc.
Reduce anxiety
Keep calm
Have a restful sleep

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Allowing a Sportsman, Sportswoman

To prepare oneself mentally
To develop self confidence
To be more efficient
To improve breathing techniques

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Give tools to an Artist

To manage his stage fright
To speak in public
Stimulate his creativity

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Accompanying Future Parents *

Before and after delivery
Preparing themselves to welcome their child
To relax

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Give Employees, Entrepreneurs, Managers a way to

Discover their own resources,
Prepare a job interview, an important appointment
Install a positive and dynamic spirit in his company/ department
Improve performance
Achieve oneself goals

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To Assist Injured, Sick People *

In the management of pain
During the medical journey
To manage stress, anxiety, fears

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Free oneself from/Control Phobias, Urges *

Fear of the plane, to be taken blood samples,...
Food addiction,
Smoking addiction...

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Helping Seniors to

Relieve pain and anxiety,
Regaining their self-esteem
Improving day to day quality of life

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* Sophrology does not replace any medical treatment

Is this meant for me?

How do I know if sophrology can really help me?

Do you experience any pain on a one-time or chronic basis? Headache, stomach pain, back pain…
Do you feel tired, less restful sleep?
Do you feel stress, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, that everyday life is more difficult to manage?

If you answered yes to one of these questions or if you are experiencing other emotions or symptoms then maybe your body and/or mind are trying to alert you.

So yes, sophrology is for you!

  • It will help you improve your quality of life.
  • It offers the opportunity to actively participate in your recovery.
  • It brings confidence and determination.