To find or maintain physical, emotional and mental harmony,
sophrology will offer you a time for yourself, to focus, to live the present moment.



In my personal as professional's life, I had to show adaptability, take new opportunities or orientations, question myself.  

I turned to sophrology at a stressful time in my life to get a restful sleep, manage stress, soothe myself.

A revelation for me!

This method, through easy-to-reproduce exercises, allows us to access our physical, emotional and mental feelings and gradually regain serenity in our day to day life.
Sophrology has allowed me to understand that by becoming conscious of our abilities, by learning to let go, by strengthening our motivations, by having a positive spirit, our life path is easier to approach.

I enjoyed training, understanding, anticipating and dissipating physical feelings. I developed an expertise to learn how to manage stress, to listen ourself, to be in harmony with oneself and others in our personal and professional lives.
It was then obvious for me to offer this same release to the greatest number of people.

I am a relay and pass on this skill to all those who experience stress, anxiety, physical, emotional, and mental pain, who experience pivotal moments, challenges, or who are at a crossroads of life...

Today, I accompany you, who live in France or abroad and speak English, with kindness, non-judgment and confidentiality, so you can become the artisans of your well-being!
We will listen together to the signals that your body, mind and emotions give you.

You too will thus be able to rediscover the path of appeasement, motivation, harmony, become confident, and find serenity at every stage of your life.

Professional Certification of Sophrologist by the IFS (Institut de Formation à la Sophrologie de Paris) (level 5)
Trained at the IFS (Institut de Formation à la Sophrologie de Paris) directed by Catherine Aliotta 
Intermediate Diploma in Good Practice in Childcare and Education (level 3)

Member of the Chamber of Sophrology (Membre de la Chambre Syndicale de la Sophrologie: https://www.chambre-syndicale-sophrologie.fr)

Practise conform to the professional code of ethics.

Logo chambre syndicale